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The state-of-the-art laboratories in AMAHSS facilitate the training and teaching of student in various streams to the level of industry expectations. The labs cater to the needs of the students studying in respective departments, are equipped with latest machinery/ equipment/instruments. Our laboratories comply with the International standard which helps the students to be well conversant with the various instruments. By handling the most sophisticated equipments, the students build up a high confidence level, which benefits them in the long run.
Some of the major facilities available are :

The labs are fully established including, Electrical Machines, Electrical Control systems lab, Electrical Measurements lab, Network theory lab and Simulation lab. The students are trained on house and industrial wiring systems, PCB making, winding study of the motor.


Different types of DC generators and motors - separately excited, shunt, series and compound type. Synchronous Motors, Single phase and three phase Induction Motors, Transformers, Auto Transformers, Alternator sets and various kinds of starters.

 Language Lab :

The Department of Science and Humanities also houses a full-fledged Language Laboratory which has been specially designed for student-teacher interaction, and greater concentration for language learning. It is specially designed for Beginners & Basic Learners. It offers a variety of functions such as Recording, Test Preparation, Student Monitoring, Group Conferencing, Vocabulary building techniques etc.

The Language Laboratory is also used for language tutorials. These are attended by Preparatory Course students and students who voluntarily opt for Remedial English classes. This especially benefits students who are deficient in English and also aims at confidence-building for interviews and competitive examinations. The Language Laboratory sessions also include word games, quizzes, extemporary speaking, debates, skits etc. These sessions are complemented by online learning sessions which take place in the Multi-Purpose Computer Lab.

Physics Lab :

The Physics Laboratory operates within the Department of Science & Humanities. The Physics Laboratory is spacious, well-equipped and air-conditioned. A separate dark room is attached for the conduct of optics experiments. All the experiments are designed to correlate theoretical knowledge with the practical applications. A maximum of four students perform experiments on a single set up. A computer simulation of the difficult experiments is also demonstrated to the students for better understanding of the concepts.

Computer Lab :

The objectives of Computer Centre have always been to be in the forefront of utilization of IT and leverage its power in making learning informative & enjoyable. A fully air conditioned computer laboratory is equipped with high-end branded computers and wide screen 17" TFT monitors with The Students Computer machine ratio of 1:1 implying complete accessibility. It is networked and supported by online UPS systems with backup facility. SECE is a fully wired campus and consists of high-speed fiber-optic backbone connected to the internal network through a high-end gigabit Ethernet switch. The intranet facility also enables knowledge sharing among students. The entire campus is Wi-Fi enabled for their exclusive use. A fast and efficient Wi-Fi connecting different buildings of the campus is well in place which connects all the computers in the various computer labs, faculty rooms, class rooms, academic block, administration Block, Library and hostels. To facilitate hard copy printing, network printers in the form of laser printers are installed in various computer labs and other academic and administration blocks.